Effective July 1, 2022, the City of Reading’s non-resident commuter tax of .3% has been eliminated.
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City of Reading commuter taxpayers will not be able to electronically file a tax return for the 2022 tax year. See notice.

Berks Earned Income Tax Bureau

General Information on EIT

Individual Earned Income Tax

If you are not currently able to file your Individual Earned Income Taxes online, please download and print the Individual EIT Return from the “Individual Tax Forms” link located at the bottom of this page and mail to our office.

Early distributions from retirement plans are potentially taxable on your Local Earned Income Tax Return. Please follow the guidelines set forth by the State of Pennsylvania for taxability of these earnings. The following link, 2022 PA-40IN (PA Personal Income Tax Return instructions), is attached for your convenience. Please see the Retirement, Pensions, and Deferred Compensation section.

Active duty military pay earned in Pennsylvania IS taxable for local income tax purposes for 2015. However, for 2016 through 2022 active duty military pay earned in Pennsylvania IS NOT taxable for local income tax purposes.

Where to send Individual Earned Income Tax Returns?


Payment Enclosed 
Berks EIT Bureau
PO Box 6365
Wyomissing, PA 19610-0365 
* Please write your social security number(s) on check.


Refund/Credit Requested
Berks EIT Bureau
PO Box 6366
Wyomissing, PA 19610-0366


No Payment / No Refund
Berks EIT Bureau
PO Box 6367 
Wyomissing, PA 19610-0367

Who must file an Individual Tax Return with Berks EIT Bureau?

  • Every resident of our member school districts and municipalities – please return to the “Individual Earned Income Tax” page for the list of “Berks EIT School Districts and Municipalities”.
  • Residents having earned income. **
  • Part-year residents shall file a tax return to declare only their earnings and tax withheld while residing within our taxing jurisdiction. Please see the Proration Worksheet on the back of the individual tax return.

If no income was earned by either Taxpayer or Spouse, a return must be filed indicating the reason for no earned income in the indicator box on the return. The options are Disabled, Deceased, Homemaker, Unemployed, Student, Active Military, or Retired.

Non-taxable income is not reported on the form.

Non-taxable income is defined as: Old age benefits, retirement income, alimony receipts, sickness or disability benefits from insurance, capital gains or losses, active duty military pay or bonuses, income from stocks and trusts, rent from “investment” ownership, death benefits, proceeds from life insurance policies, gifts and bequests, interest, dividends, public assistance, unemployment compensation, Subchapter “S” net profits, gambling winnings, and meals and lodging for employer’s convenience.